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At sixteen years of age, Sefi was born six years after her sister Nel’atal, and was not an intentional creation of Maj’atal and Jal’antu. She spent her childhood with her mother, learning the ways of shamanistic restoration, modest voodoo, and first aid. Her first test came at the age of six just after the Shattering, assisting her mother heal Nel'atal when seriously injured. She spent her time around the family’s hut in Sen’jin Village, and roaming about the outposts in Durotar, the Barrens, and Mulgore with her mother. Over the years of exposure to those differing cultures, an affinity towards mechanical creations and potions was instilled within Sefi’s mind at an early age.

Currently Sefi can be found traveling two-and-from Sen’jin Village and Orgrimmar, collecting parts for her various alchemic and mechanical crafts. She takes great pride in the mechano-hog she spent the last year working on under the guidance of a Goblin engineer in Orgrimmar in exchange for up-keeping his storefront.

A few months ago she adopted an albino snake, naming her Xali.


Currently Chaotic Good, Intelligence 15 

Sefi is shy and unpredictable, possessing an awkward air in the presence of all except her sister, who is very dear to her. She has the ability to arrive at the most inopportune of times. She isn’t particularly feminine or mature – tomboyish would be a good way to describe her persona. She loves to figure out what makes things tick.

She views productive uses of alchemy as strictly for healing and restorative purposes, but since she has an education in restoration by shamanistic practices, most of her alchemical creations are to entertain her adolescent sense of humor. Sefi loves using her sister as an unaware and unwilling test subject, slipping potions into her canteen. Rarely, she’s lucky enough to make a potion with polymorphic effects, which are Nel’atal’s least favorite.

Sefi would not admit it, but her biggest goal is to become Sef'antu; dropping the "i" in her name and earning the Zandali suffix of her teacher - just like her big sister has done.


Her appearance is similar to her sister, but two inches shorter at six feet and ten inches. She is the same weight of 200 pounds. Sefi is not as physically strong as her sister due to her less rigorous physical activity. Her fur is more irregular – becoming slightly thicker in patches. Her clothing attire would be rather drab if she did not borrow her sister’s wardrobe.

Her cheekbones and brow are more pronounced, and her tusks are a little under twice as large, starting thicker at the base and hooking upwards back towards her face at their tips. Oddly, her eyes are vibrant yellow in color, drastically differing from the orangey-red to deep red of the rest of her family.

Affect on Nel'atal

Sefi has a close relationship with Nel’atal. She may seem more to the point in conversation, and at other times dramatically soften her temperament when Sefi requires support. When alone together, Nel'atal becomes more silly and teasing. Sefi is the person she is most open to, and hides nothing from her sister.