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Maj’atal was born into a family of strict discipline, ancient tradition, and rites of passage. From an early age he was educated in the arts of beastmastery from his mother, and marksmanship from his father. Both parents have tradition of passing an artifact down to the next generation. From his father a bow, and from his mother a headdress. The suffix of ‘atal is added onto the descendant’s name once they have proven worthy.

At the age of 16, Maj’atal tamed both of his raptors; Aema’thraze and Kam'antu. Not long after, he met the young shaman Jal’antu, a year yonger. Over a year, they became a mated pair. Neli was born one year later, after the tribe was exiled from their homeland and settled on the shattered isles. Shortly before the Darkspear were driven from Stranglethorn, both of his parents were slain by Bloodscalp warriors. Both of his raptors were killed defending their island prior to being driven to Durotar.

This leaves Maj’atal forty years of age today.


Currently Lawful Neutral, Intelligence 12

Maj’atal has a soldier's temperament to most. He likes life linear, structured, and followed through based upon established protocol. A likely observation would be that he is level-headed and aware of what he can and cannot accomplish. He likes being in control. To him, power is a fun toy when permitted the right. Protective of his territory, he guards those close with his life. When not playing the role of a teacher, he can come across differently to those closest. He loves to tease and be teased – practical jokes are a given.

This is the main way he has connected with his two daughters, and the personality trait has carried over to Nel’atal, bringing the two closer together. He is much closer to his first daughter than his second due to their similarities and greater exposure. The hunter takes great pride in who Nel'atal has become, which is expressed through protectiveness. He regrets Bae being born the youngest, especially being his only male offspring. With Maj'atal's growing age, he is disappointed with the timing of Bae's entry into the world, as he will be unable to train him once of age. He secretly hopes Nel'atal will train the boy, but has been unwilling to ask this of her thus far.


His body retains the muscle mass of his youth. His fur is a shade of blue deeper than the rest of his family and thicker as the only matured male. His hair is thick and shiny, identical to the color and texture of his first daughter, Nel’atal. Scars of bite marks, blade cuts, and other various injuries riddle his arms down to the tips of his fingers. His walk has a slight limp.

When not hunched over, he is seven foot and two inches tall, weighing around 250 pounds. His tusks run parallel out, then gradually hook forwards and slightly downward. Nel’atal has nicknamed them “Bananuh tusks."

Affect on Nel'atal

Having a close friendship with his first daughter, Nel’atal holds utmost respect for Maj’atal. This does not prevent her from playing him into jokes, which he does happily in return. He brings out Nel’atal’s more playful and less serious side when at home. However, this behavior is only visible within close friends and the family. To strangers, the effect on Nel'atal is the opposite. In public, Maj’atal maintains the withdrawn personality Nel’atal tends to adopt with strangers, probably how she developed the habit herself. She pulls herself into the same formal mindset.