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Jal’antu doesn’t know who her father is, and was raised by a mother she grew to resent early in her teenage years. Spending as much time away from home as possible, Jal’antu found that assistance was welcomed with taking care of and assisting with the delivery of the tribe’s tusklings. With those years spent overseeing the youth, the addition of the ‘antu suffix to her name became more frequent until Jal started presenting herself to others as Jal’antu.

One day, an old shaman by the name of Gal’alarion came to visit, offering Jal'antu solace from her day-to-day life at home - to become a disciple focusing all of her being on the ways of the shamanistic healer. Jal’antu, thirteen years of age, accepted the old shaman’s offer with avidity. She never told her mother before leaving.

The next two years were spent away from Darkspear's Stranglethorn territory in a remote cavern system underneath the mountains. It was here she learned about voodoo, and found her affinity towards the element of water.

Eventually, Jal’antu’s fate took another unexpected turn as Maj’atal discovered the shaman’s caverns. Over time, she had fallen for his affection with his frequent visits to the caverns, bringing with him the spoils from his hunting. Gal’alarion was disappointed by this, as her focus was no longer unfaltering from her practices. Unable to persuade her otherwise, the old shaman banished her from his teachings. She was claimed by Maj’atal shortly thereafter.

This leaves her thirty-nine years of age today.


Currently Lawful GoodIntelligence 14

Jal’antu possesses a cool, calm, and collected aura. She has an inhuman level of tolerance and patience, causing her to snap is next to impossible. She is a woman of few words, choosing them with intent. Letting things play out without her intervention is how she prefers to approach life, but is not afraid to play her role when needed.

She wants to be the mother she never had for all three of her children, making an effort to connect with them despite her quiet personality. However, she is unarguably closer to Sefi than Nel’atal and Bae, due to the amount of time she has spent with the younger daughter.


Her appearance is an aged version of Nel’atal. However, her face chronically scowls when relaxed, making her seem of angry temperament. She wears some form of a skirt frequently, and always adorns some form of necklace. Her tusks are the largest of the females in her family, reaching close to the bottom of her nose. 

Affect on Nel'atal

Jal’antu grounds Nel’atal, helping her make sense of the purpose behind situations. She brings out Nel’atal’s calmer, wiser, and more understanding personalities. When people outside of her closest circle of family/friends are present, it can seem like she is unconsciously resisting her mother’s “wisdom” affect on her own mindset.