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At three years of age, Bae has the world to discover. Like Sefi, he was not an intentional creation of Maj’atal and Jal’antu. His eldest sister, Nel’atal, enjoys the child the most of the family. Sefi reluctantly shares her room with him.

Bae has bonded with Aquia’s hatching Som’ra, who usually sleeps in his bed. For the last six months, he has been haunted by nightmares when Nel’atal is not home in Sen’jin. 


Currently Chaotic Neutral, Intelligence 5 

Personality type in development.

Bae’s temperament is usually pleasant, but he has moments of frustration. He experiences anxiety when separated from his family, and loves imitating the roars of Nel’atal’s raptors. He is generally curious about everything, but especially enjoys things involving violence.


Bae has molten red eyes, redder than the rest of his family. He stands at three feet and seven inches tall, weighing around 60 pounds. He has a large build, already having broad shoulders. His hair is the same color, texture, and consistency as his father’s, but nowhere near as long. His skin is lighter blue than the rest of his family, as his fur has not come in thick yet. The shape of his head is just starting to take more Trollish angles, and his tusks are coming close to protruding from his mouth.

Affect on Nel'atal

He always lightens Nel’atal’s mood. Bae brings out Nel’atal’s softer personality without her knowledge. Nel’atal can seem more open to others, even if they are not at that level of established trust. One may observe Nel’atal struggling to maintain her initially withdrawn personality when Bae is present.